Auto boutique and auto club speedways are off limits for ‘pro-life’ protestors

The owner of a auto shop in Alabama has told local media that anti-abortion activists have been allowed to set up shop in his shop.

According to local station WALB, the shop owner, Kevin Jones, says that the anti-choice group has set up a small shop at his shop, where he is trying to provide pro-life customers with quality merchandise.

The store has about 300 people in attendance on Wednesday night, and the owners of the shop say they will not allow the protesters to set foot in their shop or operate in the store.

The owner also said that they will be asking local businesses to shut down if they are hosting pro-abortion events.

The Alabama chapter of Americans United for Life posted a statement on Twitter on Wednesday evening in response to the pro-choice protesters’ presence in the shop.

“This is not the first time this anti-life group has visited the shop, and we will continue to stand up to their bigotry and hate,” the statement read.

“It’s time for our local politicians to take a stand against the hate and bigotry coming from the pro party and stop this hate group from violating our laws.”

Jones also told WALD that he is not a “pro-abortion extremist.”

He said he is a business owner who wants to provide his customers with the best possible service.

“I have seen the pro life side of politics and I see how this group has chosen to use the power of government to discriminate against people because they believe in traditional family values,” Jones said.

“These laws don’t protect us from these hate groups.

They only protect us when we stand up against it.”

The Alabama pro-lifers’ group had already set up their shop at the shop after meeting with Jones on Tuesday night.

Jones told WALL-TV that he has been “very open” to discussing issues with the anti abortion group.

He also said they plan to have a prayer breakfast with local business owners.

“We’re going to pray with the owners and have breakfast and talk about what’s happening in the state of Alabama and the country,” Jones told the station.

“And hopefully we can do a lot of good for the people of Alabama.”

The shop owner said that the protesters will not be allowed to have their own tables inside the shop or use the store’s parking lot.

He said that he will be contacting the state attorney general’s office about what action they can take against the protesters.

“They’ve already taken a lot, a lot to get here, and they’re going after my business and they don’t want to have any business here,” Jones added.