Georgetown, Georgetown and Georgetown University announce partnership

Georgetown University and Georgetown Law announced on Monday a partnership that will allow Georgetown students to get free or discounted auto parts and services from Georgetown Auto Parts, a chain of auto dealerships located in the Georgetown area.

The partnership with Georgetown AutoParts is the first of its kind for Georgetown University students, according to the Georgetown University School of Law’s website.

The Georgetown AutoPartnership will allow students to receive the same discounted pricing as their fellow Georgetown students in Georgetown and to receive a Georgetown University logo branded auto part or service.

Georgetown students will be able to use the Georgetown Autoparts website, which is open to Georgetown students, to shop for discounted auto repairs and parts.

“Our goal is to make Georgetown more accessible for students by providing them with the tools they need to succeed in our diverse and competitive marketplace,” Georgetown University President Joseph A. Kennedy Jr. said in a statement.

“We are excited to help Georgetown students succeed and to be part of this partnership that is helping Georgetown students achieve their goals in their studies,” Georgetown AutoReps Vice President of Marketing and Communications Dan Besser said in the statement.

The agreement will provide students with the opportunity to earn Georgetown University logos on a limited basis, and will allow them to get an auto parts receipt, Bessers added.

The new partnership between Georgetown and the Georgetown Law School is the latest in a string of business deals made with the law school.

Last year, Georgetown announced it had signed a $1 billion lease with JPMorgan Chase to build the largest auto lending facility in the U.S. and its first ever automotive loan facility, which it will finance with a loan from the U-M Financial Group, a $3 billion investment from Goldman Sachs.

In addition, Georgetown Law partnered with JPMorgan in the purchase of the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team.

Georgetown Law also recently signed a deal with the University of Pennsylvania to buy the College of William & Mary’s flagship sports center.

The schools will also be in the process of opening a new Georgetown Law Business School to enhance Georgetown’s international profile and expand the law program’s breadth.