How to get your money back in your car with AutoPay auto, auto finance and clicker

Posted March 04, 2018 12:50:20A new form of auto financing that uses a credit card reader and a clicker to pay bills is making its debut in the US.

The new service, called AutoPay, is being rolled out in Michigan and Indiana and will roll out in other states soon.

A credit card is required for the service, and it can be used to make payments up to $100 or for other purchases such as gas, groceries, car repairs or other items.

The new service is similar to one that is being offered in Canada and some US states, with a similar fee structure, although it requires credit card authorization. 

“It’s a new way of doing business,” said Michael Cramer, an auto finance specialist with the auto finance company Auto-Max.

“It’s more than a credit transaction.

It’s more like an auto loan.”

Cramer said the service will be available in about 40 states.

AutoPay’s new approach to auto financing is being piloted in Michigan, Indiana and Michigan.

“It allows us to offer this service in these states,” Cramer said. 

The company also announced that it would soon begin offering a new service in Arizona. 

Cramer expects the company to roll out AutoPay in more states over the coming months.

“This is the kind of product we’re trying to develop,” Cohn said.

“We’ve got a lot of innovation to do.

I think this is the next phase of our journey.”

The company says the new AutoPay system will allow consumers to pay off their car loans with their credit card, and the clicker can be set up to automatically pay a certain amount to a particular account.

Auto Pay allows consumers to do so without having to go through an auto payment agency. 

Some auto financing services charge customers a fee for the ability to set up AutoPay payments. 

AutoPay uses a swipe card and a credit or debit card, but it is unclear how much of a fee auto-pay has. 

For now, the company is not offering AutoPay as an option in Michigan or Indiana.

AutoPay was originally launched in Canada earlier this year, but was pulled back into the US in March after complaints from the auto industry.

The U.S. Department of Justice later fined the company $1.7 million after finding that it charged unauthorized fees to consumers who used it.

Cramer says the company will likely continue to expand the AutoPay service as it expands.

He said it is also working with other credit card companies in the United States to launch similar payment options.