A new auto site that sells cars and trucks in Indonesia is being launched by the US-based auto giant Johnson & Johnson

Auto giant Johnson&Johnson is launching a new website aimed at Indonesia’s fast-growing population, offering to pay the cost of a new car and a new truck with an auto loan.

The site is called AutoNation, and it promises to pay off the costs of a car or a truck as well as the upfront cost of the loan.

Customers can get up to 80 per cent off the price of a vehicle and 80 per per cent of the upfront loan, as well.

While the deal may be a little more expensive than it sounds, it’s certainly a better deal for Indonesia’s burgeoning auto industry.

There are now around 100 million people living in Indonesia, and the country’s government has been looking to diversify away from petrol-driven cars, with a plan to make more use of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

With Indonesia’s auto market booming, it would make sense to find a way to offer new car loans to those looking to buy a new vehicle, as there is a very high risk that a car could go missing, and could become stranded, and people would not have the funds to pay it off.

Indonesia has a population of around 7.5 million, and a whopping 45 per cent are under the age of 25.

The country’s average monthly income is around $4,500, and many young people do not have a good grasp of English.

Although a lot of these young people will still have a decent job, the jobs they do have may not be particularly lucrative.

According to a study by the Jakarta-based Pew Research Center, only 14 per cent in Indonesia have jobs that pay above the minimum wage, and that figure is expected to rise further over the next two years.