Clayton’s: GM and Ford will get more of a foothold in North America

Ford will make more deals with other automakers in North American markets after a merger between the two companies ended up getting approved by regulators on Tuesday.

The deal will see Ford, which already operates in parts for GM, take a 25% stake in Northstar Automotive.

Ford also will have a majority stake in Ford Parts & Service, which operates in the U.S. auto parts and service market.

Ford said it is committed to a long-term relationship with Northstar, which includes helping Northstar grow its business in North and South America.

Ford, which had a majority ownership stake in the automaker for years, had long been seeking to expand its automotive business in the United States.

GM is the nation’s largest automaker, and Ford has been looking to expand into North America, which it has struggled to do in recent years.

Ford shares closed down 3.6% at $51.76.

GM shares were down 0.5% at 1,075.60.