Mercedes-Benz offers new online sales & warranties coverage

Mercedes-Bussch Benz has announced it will now offer online sales and warranties coverage to its customers through its progressive auto insurance. 

The company has launched its Progressive Auto Insurance Service (PASI) in Germany, offering customers the option of purchasing coverage from its Mercedes-Schweizer brand, which is owned by Mercedes-Gesellschaft. 

“Mercedes-Benz is committed to offering customers with progressive auto products and services that they can rely on and trust,” said Wolfgang Pobst, president of Mercedes-BMW Group.

“We are proud to work with the German auto insurance market and we hope that our customers can continue to enjoy the benefits of our policies.” 

Mercedes PASI is currently available to customers in Germany who buy their Mercedes-Fortuner, Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes Benz S-Class and Mercedes-Wagon cars through the Mercedes dealership network, as well as in the US through 

A new Mercedes-Kia and BMW-Mercedes partnership with Progressive Auto insurance will also be announced later this month. 

Mercer, Nissan and Subaru will also begin offering Progressive Auto coverage through their new joint venture, Progressive Auto Insurers. 

In Europe, Progressive Insurance offers auto insurance through its German subsidiary, SIS Insurede. 

SIS Insurance is a joint venture between the Mercedes-brand and SIS, which was founded in 2011 by BMW, the Mercedes Group and Volkswagen. 

Insurers are currently the only global insurer offering the Mercedes brand and its premium brands such as the BMW, Audi, Volvo and Porsche brands. 

Progressive Auto insurance also offers coverage for the Mercedes SUV brand. 

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