Amazon says it will not cover the auto parts that are under investigation

Amazon has decided to drop a federal probe into the company’s auto parts business.

The move comes days after the Justice Department said it would be investigating whether the online retailer engaged in deceptive practices to keep millions of Americans from purchasing the parts they need for vehicles.

The investigation came after the company said it had stopped selling some of its auto parts in recent months because of an ongoing government investigation.

The Justice Department announced its investigation in September.

The announcement came after federal investigators said they found Amazon was not complying with safety regulations in at least one of its warehouses.

The company said in a statement that the move was made to ensure it is not misrepresenting the quality and safety of its products and to help protect customers and ensure they receive the quality goods and services they deserve.

“Our investigation is focused on two important areas: our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with the products and services that they need, and the safety and integrity of our manufacturing process,” the company wrote.

“Amazon will not be able to provide the products that were not available to customers during this time period due to our investigation.”

The company has been under fire for a lack of transparency and a series of reports in recent weeks have detailed allegations that workers at its warehouses were forced to work long hours, often without breaks.

Amazon has denied any wrongdoing.

The Justice Department on Wednesday also announced a settlement with a group of former workers who said they were forced out of the company.

That settlement will pay $5.7 million to nearly 40 former workers.

The settlement was approved by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on Wednesday.

The court granted the Justice Dept. and the National Labor Relations Board’s request to postpone a preliminary hearing on the case until April 2019.