‘The Future Is Poetry’: Poets, Poets Speak Out for a Voice

“I want to take you into the world,” she said.

“You can hear me, and I can speak.”

The singer-songwriter said she wanted to use Poets for a “Voice of the People.”

She spoke about the importance of speaking up in the face of discrimination.

“People feel the world is unfair to them.

We have to speak up,” she continued.

“We have to be able to do something, so we can have a voice.”

She told the audience she was inspired to write her own songs after hearing “a song from the film, The Imitation Game,” about a man who tries to convince a black woman to marry him.

“I thought that was a really powerful film because it was a black movie.

I think that was the first time I really felt like I had a voice, and so I wanted to make a film where people felt the same,” she told the crowd.

“So I thought, ‘Well, I want to write my own song about that, and then I’m gonna write a poem about that.'”

Poets and Poets: Poets and the Poet’s Way of Life is available now through Amazon and iTunes.