Trump says he won’t sign bill that will give military contractors immunity

President Donald Trump told reporters on Tuesday he doesn’t want to sign the controversial National Defense Authorization Act, which would give military and civilian contractors immunity from lawsuits if they commit sexual assault or rape.

“I don’t want it.

I don’t support it,” Trump said.

“It’s too bad.

It’s too much.”

The bill was signed into law by Trump on Jan. 3.

But Trump told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that he doesn-t want to have the “worst of both worlds.”

“I think we ought to have a lot of people in there that aren’t going to be sexually abused, and I think we should have a certain level of accountability,” Trump told Cuomo.

“The other thing I think is, I think you’ve seen what happens in Hollywood and I’ve seen it in the military,” Trump continued.

“And I’ve heard from people that they’re raped, they’re assaulted.

So I’m not going to sign this.

I’m just not going.

But I’m also not going and I’m gonna fight to stop it.”

Trump told the Times on Tuesday that he has “no interest” in the bill, and said he would rather have the victims come forward than to have victims remain silent.

Trump has repeatedly called for the government to hold military and government officials accountable for sexual assault and harassment.

“If we can’t hold the military and military contractors accountable, then the next guy that does it is gonna do it,” he told the New York Times in March.